1. Employee Management System for Small Scale Firm/Office Using Procedural Programming Language.

The employee management system tend to add, edit and remove the employee information of all the employee working for a small firm/office.

2. Agro360 - An Agricultural Application

Agro360 was well presented on NcellAppCamp 2016. Me with my team member have contributed from respective field to make it a assistant for farmers as well as consumers.  It was developed as a Desktop Application as well as Android Application.

3. Density Based Traffic Management System using Sensors (Project Work)

A well tested project work. Me and my teammates have developed it using IR Sensor module and AVR Microcontroller. It was well tested on the traffic junction of Thapathali Chowk, Kathmandu. Large Scale integration of this module is supposed to reduce complexity of traditional traffic management.

4. Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection System

(On Going)