As a Student of Thapathali Campus

Myself as a Student of Thapathali Campus, have lots of experiences to share here. Thapathali Campus is the prioritized campus of IoE for Engineering Students by the students after Pulchowk Campus. I dont know why I ranked it second to the Pulchowk Campus. Almost all the student who failed to get the favorite faculty at Pulchowk Campus target Thapathali Campus as the second choice after Pulchowk.

Thapathali Campus situated at the heart of Kathmandu Valley is at 10 minute distance (by foot) from the Central Campus (Pulchowk Campus). Availability of all the educational materials is similar to that of Pulchowk Campus. Participation of engineering events is similar to that of Pulchowk as well. These are the prime factor that led the Thapathali Campus as the second ranked campus for Engineering Study.

Beside these prespectives, Thapathali Campus holds some other good images as well. Not all the faculty but few of them are best among the IoE. Department of Automobile and Mechanical Engineering at Thapathali Campus is taken the best among all the campuses of IoE. In contrast, the Department of Electronics and Communication is the worst among all. As a student of Electronics and communication, Thapathali Campus hold no good labs and resources for the students of Electronics and Communication.


For the polically keen people, Bachelor is the best time to gear up the politics. Thapathali Campus can be the best choice for those student. The politics here is very tedious. Being involved in the politics of Thapathali campus provides comparatively more political skill than any other campuses of IoE. In contrast, to the general politics, the politics at Thapathali Campus can grow upto the climax that may result to the physical actions as well.

Extra Curriculums: 

Among all the campuses of IoE, Thapathali has very few extra curricular activities. Being the smallest campus in terms of areas, there is no spacious place to play any event like football or cricket. Student usually play these games in small area(in roads, parkings, etc) Basketball court is the only the sports venue in the campus premise.


Engineering Study at Pulchowk Campus

Pulchowk Campus, now named as Central Campus, Pulchowk is the center of Engineering study in Nepal. Pulchwok Campus (Central Campus) has the limited seats for B.E, Masters and Ph.D programmes.

Here we are dealing only the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E). Pulchowk campus has 432 seats (including all reservations and quotas). More than 12,000 students from all over the Nepal with +2 Science or Diploma (equivalent) are eligible to compete the entrance examination. Out of thousands of student only 432 lucky and laborious ones are meritious to study in Pulchwok Campus.

Campus has following degrees in Bachelor:

  1. BE in Civil
  2. BE in Mechanical
  3. BE in Electrical
  4. BE in Electronics and Communication
  5. BE in Computer
  6. B.Arch

Pulchowk campus has wide area including all the required requisite for the student to develop their potential any other extra curriculums. Greenaries, Playgrounds and clean environment provides each and every students to gear up their study along with their hobbies.

Music lover student are found here with their musical instrument in the lap of nature. Football lovers, Cricket enthusiast, Basketball player, etc are busy on developing their skill. Research lover are provided the sufficient labs and materials.

Student are given the wide opportunity to take part in international event to show their performance. They are supported by the local sponsers as well during the exhibitions and other events.

Pulchowk campus is undoubtely the prime destination of the engineering enthusiasts of Nepal.

Students and Literature

Literature is the power. There is power in the words and stories. Stories can change anyone’s prespectives. It can either motivate for good words or demoralize for any bad works.

People with the habit of studying prefers literature as a parallel hobby. Yeah, for students, the literature is the most preferred hobbies of all time. Student prefer to study the article of their interest.

Engineering student prefers reading the literature related to innovative ideas, science discoveries and fiction stories.

Talking about the Engineering student of Nepal, we can find a society in every campuses that regularly published the article on many headings and sub heading. Most of them prefer writing on love stories, adventures and innovations.

Beside the engineering students, almost all the faculty holder are seen active on literature. More than the engineering student, the student of arts and social science are more active on literature activities.

Thank you so much for your patience. I will be summarizing the literature activities of mine and my circles here on this blog.

Thank You ! :)

How to enable Nepali Fonts on Opera Mini – 100% Working

Devnagari(Nepali) scripts in mobile from Opera is still the big deal for many mobile users of Nepal and India. The problem is the square box which appear instead of expected script.

We have suggested the 100% working technique for enabling Nepali fonts (Devnagari scripts) in Opera Mini Mobile Browser.

STEP 1 : Open Opera Mini Application.

STEP 2 : Go to Address Bar and remove www., make address bar completely blank.

STEP 3 : Type about:config and proceed ahead
Now Power User Setting of Opera Mini is opened.

STEP 4 : Go to the last of the page and Enable Bitmap Font for Complex Script

STEP 5 : Select Yes and Click on Save

Now, your opera mini will display any type of fonts.

If you have any difficulties in the above setting, then feel free to contact us from from comments or our facebook page. 

Thank You !

Politics and Students

PPolitics olitics is the prime factor that acts as the reflector of the nation. Politics reflects in overall, all the aspects of the country. Good political figure indicates bright aspect while the bad politcal figure indicate dark aspect of the country.

Politics for student is for the targeted group who have their keen interest for involving themselves in the politics. Student politics should teach the newbie the general ethics of politics. It should enable them to deal for the interest for the group of societies rather than the individuals.

Student Politics in Nepal has been worsned by non-political activities running in the campuses. Involving in fight rather than political debate, misusing the political power for small amount of  money and many more aspect has been ruining the real student politics of Nepal.

Despite all the pitfalls of politics, contemporarily seen in Nepal, politics is above of all the available aspects. Politics governs every other requisites of country. Politics rules the power.

Institute of Engineering (IOE)

Institute of Engineering, most commonly known as IOE is the center for Engineering study in Nepal. IoE is the institute governed by Nepal Government owned Tribhuwan University(TU).

IoE is the first target of all the engineering enthusiasts.

IoE Constitutes the following Constituents Campuses; Constituent campus are equally valued campuses. They hold same position. Despite all the similarities among them one of the campus act as the central campus which is responsible for controlling the regular programmes.

  1. Central Campus (Pulchowk Campus), Pulchowk, Lalitpur
  2. Thapathali Campus, Thapathali, Kathmandu
  3. Western Regional Campus, Lamachaur, Pokhara
  4. Eastern Regional Campus, Dharan

Beside these Constituent campus, there are other private campuses running only in the kathmandu valley. The affiliated private campuses of IoE are

  1. Kantipur Engineering College, Dhapakhel, Lalitpur
  2. Kathmandu Engineering College, Kalikati, Kathmandu
  3. Himalaya College of Engineering, Chyasal, Lalitpur
  4. Advanced College of Engineering and Management, Kupondole, Lalitpur
  5. National College of Engineering, Talchikhel, Lalitpur
  6. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, Kathmandu
  7. Janakpur Engineering College, Bhaktapur
  8. Khwopa Engineering College, Bhaktapur
  9. Lalitpur Engineering College, Chakupat, Lalitpur
  10. Sagarmatha Engineering College, Sanepa, Lalitpur